Harry Styles - Kiwi
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Harry Styles - Woman (Audio)
Hans Kammler
Hans Kammler 23 orë më parë
Because of what he really means..
E N Ditë më parë
wow 777million views
meloetta 1
meloetta 1 Ditë më parë
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E N Ditë më parë
Fine line is best album of past decade. Its just a fact. Its masterful & every song is amazing.
Neda Rezvani
Neda Rezvani Ditë më parë
I love you harry ❤i love you harry❤ i love harry ❤i love you harry❤ i love you harry❤
E N Ditë më parë
3 x diamond in Brazil. Notjust diamond but THREE times fcking diamond son.
Stevie Jimenez
Stevie Jimenez Ditë më parë
im back guys!!!! just sobbed the hardest ive ever at the chapters 89 and 90 of duplicity so this is my comfort video. watch harry just randomly going through the comments HAHAHA. if he is....hey bestie i am a minor but i think we could work something out. erm... i think we could be besties. im a gemini and you know that that means for us. so yea plz b my friend i need a single friend. k bye besties i hope you have an amazing day/night :)
Railin Antazo
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came after tiktok say 1:32 in reverse is "yes i want lou, yes i want loius", and that it's him in all of 1d mv (at the exact time)
Ale Espinola
Ale Espinola Ditë më parë
Tata Tata Tata Tata
Lucas Santos
Lucas Santos Ditë më parë
Alejandra Mancera
Alejandra Mancera Ditë më parë
This video somehow reminds me of the movie "For those in peril"
llporky ll
llporky ll Ditë më parë
Cuerda lechuga oooh recuérdame lechuga oooh
Manasvi Anand
Manasvi Anand Ditë më parë
@Harry_Styles, fancy going ballroom dancing?
moreee Cofrè
moreee Cofrè Ditë më parë
Como me la baja venir a escuchar este temon para llorar y que aparezcan los anuncios de mierda eso
Mahmoud Hamed
Mahmoud Hamed Ditë më parë
This song is golden
Luzma Tornez
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Yeetues Ditë më parë
When I first heard this song I thought someone dated this dude to make a song about the words watermelon and sugar
Sal Mon
Sal Mon Ditë më parë
With all the time we've spent crying, with everytime we've been hurt. Youd think wed be immune to it by now
Olivia Shields
Olivia Shields Ditë më parë
Davkharnyam Purevsuren
Davkharnyam Purevsuren Ditë më parë
2:36-2:40 seconds listen carefully. It sounds like a Sunflower, vol.6 😐😐
Davkharnyam Purevsuren
Davkharnyam Purevsuren Ditë më parë
GOD, did I hear correctly??
Francesca Pecora
Francesca Pecora Ditë më parë
Me waiting for my parents looking in the audience at my chorus preformances and many many musicals. They were always either at work or home with my sister. The only people who were there was my best friend’s mom dad and grandparents. They one time bought her flowers and gave me a flower. Im never enough for my parents. I just want to tell my friend’s parents how much that means Edit: crying even more cus i just realized i have t seen them in many months and i consider them close as family
Kristely Estefania Resendez Paulino
Kristely Estefania Resendez Paulino Ditë më parë
Amo esta canción:(
lupita Martínez burbuja b
lupita Martínez burbuja b Ditë më parë
soy un mar de lagrimas
gabriel gonzalez
gabriel gonzalez Ditë më parë
Harry mi hija te ama
Jane Chau
Jane Chau Ditë më parë
Kiwi I believe it's eternal death for you "we are saved"
Adam Tahir Barrera Silva
Adam Tahir Barrera Silva Ditë më parë
Me encanta esta cancion es sacada del reino de los cielos
ana valeria cuellar
ana valeria cuellar Ditë më parë
Leisa MONTGOMERY Ditë më parë
Absolutely beautiful god bless u April 11,2021
Chechar Ditë më parë
Judy Chung
Judy Chung Ditë më parë
I have been listening to this at least once a day
Karina alves Deus
Karina alves Deus Ditë më parë
Que vibeeeeeeeee
leilane kelly santana
leilane kelly santana Ditë më parë
I can't stop thinking that all the videos clips of Fine Line are just a continuation of the journey of the boy in Adore You, that he takes the boat and lives the island and witch video are a piece of his story
Sami Peters
Sami Peters Ditë më parë
what’s with the one sprinkle on the first watermelon LMAO
Anne Tse
Anne Tse Ditë më parë
Taylor swift: world highest paid model in the world.( blank space) Our dear Harry styles: luckiest fish in the universe.(adore you)
arnold sanon
arnold sanon Ditë më parë
filmfairy Ditë më parë
Maiuze Vanessa
Maiuze Vanessa Ditë më parë
Ana Cristina Santana
Ana Cristina Santana Ditë më parë
sarahfoxyy Ditë më parë
He is a god
?? Ditë më parë
Whos here after he won a grammy
Jose Villarroel
Jose Villarroel Ditë më parë
Srry gen but this one is doo doo (ps i love u chu)
Lowe Poker
Lowe Poker Ditë më parë
julieta malek
julieta malek Ditë më parë
me preocupan 47.7212 personas
Malaya Barnett (Student)
Malaya Barnett (Student) Ditë më parë
no one: really no one: harry: "around 1:32 like he knows what to do" louis: being shown every time in a music video around 1:32
kiarat91 Ditë më parë
Wqterlilies Ditë më parë
My friends sister cried because Harry was on the Grammys- I can’t even yall🤣🤣
Katie-Chan Ditë më parë
NO WEYYYYY QUIERO LLORAR :( ( no entiendo una kaka los comentarios pero vale madres 😃👌🏻
Madi Beck
Madi Beck Ditë më parë
sigh *opens wattpad*
Amber Lynn Anderson
Amber Lynn Anderson Ditë më parë
🕯 We will shine bright in Heaven. This is hell.
Katie-Chan Ditë më parë
No entiendo una kaka los comentarios pero 😃👍🏻
José alfredo Jiménez
José alfredo Jiménez Ditë më parë
Ya somos 2 amigos yo creo que ni la canción entendemos jajajajaj
José alfredo Jiménez
José alfredo Jiménez Ditë më parë
Ya somos 2 amigos yo creo que ni la canción entendemos jajajajaj
Natahlia Kroyen
Natahlia Kroyen Ditë më parë
@Carly Sutherland I’m obsessed 🥺 oh and mah new other fav animal is a fwog 🐸🐸🐸🐸🐸
Evelyn Quinlan
Evelyn Quinlan Ditë më parë
louis watching this: 👁️👄👁️
Princherd Junior
Princherd Junior Ditë më parë
he got them melons
Caro Calcagno
Caro Calcagno Ditë më parë
Payton Lamers
Payton Lamers Ditë më parë
“Except Louis thinks Harry is probably Ophelia and he's probably already drowned”
Mikaelle Gomes
Mikaelle Gomes Ditë më parë
Blankelisaurio _ Web0s
Blankelisaurio _ Web0s Ditë më parë
emily p
emily p Ditë më parë
Such a AMAZING song 🌙🌙🌙🌙 🌄
Ellie Ortega
Ellie Ortega Ditë më parë
Just remembering the time my crush learned this song on his ukulele last year and never showed me, because he disappeared and then showed up, I told him that sunflower reminded me of him. We’re stranger again.
EMILY ROGERS Ditë më parë
Benedito César
Benedito César Ditë më parë
This music give me depression
amora santos
amora santos Ditë më parë
Vim só pelo BBB 2021😂😍👌😎
Ellie Ortega
Ellie Ortega Ditë më parë
One of my favorite songs ever :D gets me into a good mood always
Ellie Ortega
Ellie Ortega Ditë më parë
When I first heard this album this was my favorite along with watermelon sugar, it’s crazy how fast the night changes. Well my favorite now is mmith and ftdt
Alessa AS
Alessa AS Ditë më parë
Harry por ti respiro
Célia Barbosa
Célia Barbosa Ditë më parë
adoro esta musica meninos
Jocelyn Rodeffer
Jocelyn Rodeffer Ditë më parë
Harry: shirt less Me: tHiS iS a FaMilY ShoW!!.......orr is ittt
too broke to afford ramen
too broke to afford ramen Ditë më parë
The best solo artist of One Direction
Ellie Ortega
Ellie Ortega Ditë më parë
This video is really the moment 😩
Maicon Silva
Maicon Silva Ditë më parë
Vim pelo o Fiuk e o Gil do BBB21!❤
SAVAGE RAMEN Ditë më parë
Other singers: random song concepts and hot stuff Harry: saving a fish
Alexandra negrete
Alexandra negrete Ditë më parë
Esta canción es tan única, te telentrasporta amoo.
Abrams Donald
Abrams Donald Ditë më parë
The spiky dust initially shrug because cement consecutively scratch in a mundane voyage. stingy, boiling polyester
Jefferson Douglas
Jefferson Douglas Ditë më parë
bluface boss
bluface boss Ditë më parë
His songs have my job 🔥
jair Aparecido Rosa
jair Aparecido Rosa Ditë më parë
Essa música é linda adoro ouvir ❤️❤️❤️
Hannah Mullings
Hannah Mullings Ditë më parë
honestly i think this is my fav music video now
Adriana Heredia
Adriana Heredia Ditë më parë
Alii C.
Alii C. Ditë më parë
He literally gave me goosebumps when he took off his scarf he’s soooooo attractive ong